On the way home
I ran every red light
Mistook every street sign
I saw a man and his son
Wearing silly hats
I think it was their religion
What kind of animal does that make me?
He was telling his spawn
Birds have souls too
So maybe I am the monster
I’d like to write our similarities down
See eye to eye
Maybe he can take my answers
And feed me his
I’m a soul too
It’s a shame


You’re here and I’m there
Or am I here?
This afternoon I drank a cup
Of tea I thought, but it tasted like alcohol
I only remember the taste from past lives
It slithered down my throat
Burning my soft palate, poisoning
It took me on a ride
It’s been awhile since I loosened my tie
Dripping into my esophagus
I only thought I was conscious
But next I slipped into a dream
It seems I was mistaken of the time
The places I went was inner space
Higher realms in a fever
I want to remember the face I saw
It couldn’t have been you
After all you’re there and I’m gone
So far from the platform you’re on
Now I’m drunk on blissful calls
I woke up, missed attempts to reach me
I refused the high I was offered
By a man in lace, it’s been awhile
Unlawfully I felt forced into this whirl
A world apart from my current track
It was an attack on my growth
And endless distraction of elation
An obstacle I could surmount
Only by your grace


I’ll probably be you in my next life
I swear I felt tiny earthquakes
Shaking from countries away
As I laid on the ground in wonderment
When I felt your Brahman thread
Between my fingers
14 generations of my family were saved
I can’t unravel the words you said
That sunk me in so deep
Before you took them back
But you’re right, in that
We can always do better
And I don’t want the wrath either
Mercies delivered on us teach the lesson
No one would ever say with honesty
I’m retreating in the wrong direction
Losing my etiquette
With my conviction I could sink the ship
I de-wrinkled your brow
With the blessings in my palm
Giving you my power
Is an accident I will commit
I am healing in the sheets
Dreaming of the streets
Be patient I must if I want this to last
But the last thing you whispered
With laughter, was, This Is An Illusion