Ginger Snapdragons

I want you to tell everyone
So that I can feel like a maidservant
To a royal king
You can’t confide in a single soul
Nor can you come within two feet of me
You fear my cold shoulders
Even my breath sits in my diaphragm
I am shedding my layers
Like a calendar loses it’s pages
But I keep busy chanting the names
Of His holiness, the glories reign
I unknowingly drove past
Highway flowers
Forgetting their names
Rosemary bushes for days
Pale Christmas lights leftover
In the haze of Spring
I want you to take it all back
And pretend that you didn’t see it
That you didn’t see me
I need this to be done
I see white when my eyes are closed
I see black when my eyes are open
And a deep stare that only confuses me
Reflecting back like a ghost
In the kitchen, in the temple
But that’s the only time I see you
Maybe one day
Maybe never
Only God knows